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Law firms and lawyers are rarely thought of as "innovative." But at Baker Donelson, innovation is part of our culture – we are hardwired to approach the practice of law in new and innovative ways, to deliver value to our clients as they perceive value.



Law firms and lawyers are rarely thought of as "innovative." But at Baker Donelson, innovation is part of our culture – we are hardwired to approach the practice of law in new and innovative ways, to deliver value to our clients as they perceive value.

We listen to our clients and actively engage them in discussions to learn how we can provide world-class legal services better, faster and more cost effectively. Every day we ask – how can we use innovation to be more efficient, to provide more price flexibility, to better communicate and collaborate, to provide our clients with transparency and real-time information about the matters entrusted to us, to focus on what is important to them and to provide better predictability as to budgets and outcomes?

To meet these challenges, we have assembled teams of lawyers and professionals in the fields of project management, process improvement, pricing analytics, knowledge management, eDiscovery and litigation support, and data analytics, all supported by a leading edge technology platform.

Alternative Pricing

Corporate legal departments and clients are being pressured to reduce legal costs and work within specific budgets. Clients are pushing this mandate down to their outside lawyers in the form of required budgets and requests for alternative pricing. Baker Donelson has invested substantially in the evaluation of industry-specific pricing structures which incorporate risk sharing and incentives and promotes predictability and transparency. We believe the models we have developed provide a unique pricing approach and offer both the client and the law firm protections from historic problems with the billable hour.


Baker Donelson is a leader in leveraging legal knowledge to define the most effective discovery strategy for each matter and selecting advanced tools and methods to execute that strategy. By using proven process engineering and lean project management techniques to ensure the seamless integration of the eDiscovery team, we deliver significant improvements in cost and risk management.

Knowledge Management

To Baker Donelson, knowledge management equals efficiency. This equates to cost savings and better predictability for clients. The various aspects of our KM systems allow for the sharing of information, both legal and administrative, by all employees Firm-wide. The keys to the success of our Knowledge Management initiative are our Firm intranet, BakerNet and its enterprise search system, BakerSearch.

Through BakerNet, forms, precedents, practice notes, checklists, integrated legal research tools and work flow applications increase productivity and reduce time spent on any task. Additionally, attorneys can maintain good fiscal responsibility for clients via financial dashboards, budgeting tools, budget-to-actual monitoring and much more. Our intranet, with its sharing of resources in such a vast scope, far exceeds similar systems employed by other firms of our size and geographic scope. BakerNet is truly an industry leader in the realm of knowledge management systems.

Legal Project Management

How clients use legal services has changed – priorities are different and needs are shifting. More than ever before, companies need legal budget predictability and better communication from their attorneys. Baker Donelson has responded to that need by redefining how we deliver legal services, leveraging years of experience with more systematic planning and budget accountability in the management of legal matters. Whether you are overseeing an in-house legal staff or multiple outside law firms or both, Baker Donelson can improve the way you manage your legal matters and reduce your legal spend through BakerManage Legal Project Management.

LegalShift, LLC

Legal project management (LPM) involves a systematic planning approach to the practice of law in order to clarify client expectations and establish budget accountability. LegalShift helps law departments better manage work through introduction of formal LPM concepts and solutions. LegalShift's affiliation with Baker Donelson - one of the first of only a few law firms internationally to invest in development of its own LPM program and supporting automation - allows LegalShift to make use of the BakerManage™ solution set, inclusive of strategy, best practice processes, organizational refinement and tools. BakerManage LPM Program Development & Training can help your law department establish and enforce an effective program for better managing legal matters/projects. 

Technology Resources

Promoting efficiency and guiding our clients through intelligent knowledge management is a priority at Baker Donelson. How we adopt, understand and apply technology plays a critical role in providing more than what clients expect from a law firm.

The era of converging technologies has created exciting opportunities which benefit our attorneys and clients alike. Technology allows our clients to work with one firm while benefiting from the services of more than 750 attorneys and advisors. Similarly, it brings our 22 offices together with access to a robust knowledge base. Baker Donelson's Technology Resources utilize proven software and multi-media platforms in a number of innovative ways.

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