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Baker Donelson's suite of innovation services focuses on efficiency, flexibility, and better communication and collaboration with our clients.

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Baker Donelson has been growing our suite of innovation services for nearly 20 years, making it among the most comprehensive in the legal industry. We combine the latest technology with an experienced team of attorneys and professionals who focus solely on innovation to add value to our clients' legal matters. Through this continued investment in our suite of services, we deliver efficiency, flexibility, and better communication and collaboration with our clients.

How are we innovating to add value?

By building on our long history of blending people, process, and technology to manage our clients' legal matters.

  • Teams of lawyers and professionals working hand in hand with our attorneys based on client needs and objectives.
  • A wide range of services managed by an experienced team using tested workflows, templates, and data-driven decisions.
  • Leveraging leading technology and collaboration tools.
  • A venture fund that supplements attorney hours spent on innovation projects has been in place for more than ten years.

Our Suite of Services

Legal Project Management

Baker Donelson has responded to clients' needs by redefining how we deliver legal services, leveraging years of experience with more systematic planning and budget accountability in the management of legal matters. Baker Donelson's proprietary legal project management system, BakerManage, provides real time updates on actual performance against budget on clients' matters. Practical application of our process and platform on more than 13,000 matters has enabled us to continuously refine our approach and become an industry leader of legal project management.

Intelligent Budgeting

To provide clients with data-driven, task-based estimates for the cost of each matter, Baker Donelson created its own budgeting tool, Budget Designer. Budget Designer streamlines budget development using our extensive list of budget templates that allows point-and-click budgeting by phase, task, and resource levels. Our dedicated innovation team leverages years of experience and has developed more than 500 budget templates and 200 pricing models that can be tailored to meet each client's needs.

Legal Process Improvement

Baker Donelson recognized the benefits of lean methodology and integrated those concepts into BakerLean, a proprietary model for legal process improvement. Clients benefit from lean pricing models that incorporate a waste-free process to ensure efficiency and predictability.

Creativity in Pricing

Baker Donelson has invested substantially in the evaluation of industry-specific pricing structures which incorporate risk sharing and incentives and promotes predictability and transparency. Our flexible alternative pricing models offer choices beyond the billable hour model and help clients manage their budgets and improve predictability of legal spend. Our dedicated pricing team has implemented more than 11,000 alternative pricing engagements and creates more than 100 unique and customized pricing models each year.

Flexible Staffing

Baker Donelson has a team of more than 700 attorneys across 21 offices who are ready to meet your legal needs. We also collaborate with contract attorneys when it can benefit our clients to staff up and down a matter quickly and effectively. Our flexible staffing options are tailored to each client's needs.

Artificial Intelligence

Adding artificial intelligence technology to our suite of innovation services results in improved efficiency for our clients. These market-leading AI tools and machine-learning based systems enhance value to clients by improving accuracy, reducing cost, and mitigating risk.

Knowledge Management

At Baker Donelson, knowledge management equals efficiency, which means more cost savings for our clients. Our knowledge management system leverages an integrated platform of web-based tools that enable collaboration with clients to efficiently manage corporate and litigation matters. Our dedicated KM team has implemented more than 15,000 collaboration sites.

Online Client Services

Baker Donelson offers clients a number of collaborative online services, along with other web-based tools and mobile applications that deliver cutting-edge legal support.


The primary goal of eDiscovery is to deliver key facts to trial teams faster and provide clear, strategic insights that enable more effective advocacy. Our dedication to improving client value gave rise to Baker Donelson's LeanDiscoverymethod, which uses a rapid feedback loop to integrate the review team with the trial team.

LegalShift, LLC

LegalShift, LLC provides independent management and advisory services that help law departments and law firms better manage legal portfolios, improve business operations and reduce legal spend. The LegalShift team has collaborated with more than 400 legal teams.


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