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Artificial Intelligence
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Clients receive enhanced value and efficiency through our artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms.


Baker Donelson offers clients enhanced value with market-leading artificial intelligence tools and machine learning based systems that complement Baker Donelson services so parties spend more time on key issues and high value activities.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Improve Contract Management

Companies lose an average of 5 – 12 percent of contract value due to lapses in administration of contract obligations, (i.e., missed renewal dates on auto-renewing contracts, failure to ask for credits when they are due, or failure to send invoices when money is owed). Using AI, Baker Donelson can help clients understand what is in the contracts and minimize missed obligations. Our platform can sort and organize high-volume document sets for inclusion in contract management systems where appropriate. It understands the key diligence issues, locates them within the documents, stacks them up so that they can be easily reviewed by our lawyers and automatically populates a diligence spreadsheet, enabling our attorneys to focus their time on evaluating key issues.

Our AI tools provide:

  • Improved templates and playbooks to identify standard items and outliers.
  • Improved tracking and management of required contract obligations, (e.g., notice, confidentiality, exclusivity, indemnification, and insurance).
  • Enhanced transparency of the contract analysis process.
  • Identification of missed opportunities to reclaim revenue by tracking renewal dates, credits due and more.
  • More consistent application of client policies and controls relating to contracts and invoices across the business.

Enhance and Expedite Due Diligence for Merger and Acquisition Activity

Expenses associated with due diligence make up a significant portion of M&A activity costs. Similar to its contract applications, Baker Donelson uses AI to identify provisions that are critical in M&A and to catalog transactional due diligence issues to help ensure compliance with post-merger integration or separation contractual obligations.

Among the private deal provisions that can be identified are provisions for share purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements and merger agreements; the tool can also help build clause banks or deal points studies, or maintain a database with deal details.

Baker Donelson's AI tools ensure that newly-formed organizations uphold commitments to new customers, and that valuable client resources are not spent servicing obligations that are no longer relevant.

Mitigate Risks and Ensure Compliance

Companies face significant exposure if they don't comply with global requirements ranging from anti-bribery to privacy policies and data security. Using our AI tool's built-in provision models that can identify FCPA, export control, or other regulatory issue clauses across large volumes of contracts, we are able to identify areas of potential noncompliance quickly, and additional compliance provision models can be tailored to specific clients.

Employ More Effective Lease Abstraction for Real Estate Projects

Through our AI platforms, Baker Donelson can prepare accurate and comprehensive lease summaries more quickly and provide lenders and purchasers with an overview of lease terms for a single building or an entire portfolio, to support advisory and transactional real estate matters. AI also helps analysts and lawyers complete due diligence more quickly and accurately.

Increase Consistency Across Financial Services Deals

Consistency is key in financial services, and variations from one deal to the next need to be considered carefully. Our AI tools easily identifies aberrations from the norm, even on third-party paper. For example, it allows us to maintain a library of prior clause precedents for credit agreements and other financial instruments. Running every new deal document through our AI tool helps identify clauses to check against the prior deal database, ensuring consistency and accuracy of advice across the team and the project.

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