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Venture Capital

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Baker Donelson represents numerous venture capital firms investing in early-stage businesses and venture growth companies.

Practice Overview

Venture funds, family offices, and other sophisticated investors rely on Baker Donelson to help lead investments in businesses at any stage of development.

Baker Donelson advises clients on both debt and equity financings, including early-stage seed investments, preferred stock offerings, and convertible notes and Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFEs). We provide clients with strategic guidance about the best options for a particular situation, and we assist in planning and conducting negotiations to ensure clients obtain the best terms with an eye toward subsequent financings and liquidity events.

Baker Donelson also assists clients with venture capital fund structuring and formation, including compliance with the Investment Company Act, Investment Advisers Act of 1940, Securities Act of 1933, and ERISA.

  • Represented, Inc., a clinical operations solution company, in a $20 million Series A financing led by global venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates, Inc. (NEA), to accelerate go-to-market efforts and further expand into decentralized and direct-to-patient clinical trials.

  • Represented a digital health engagement company in a multi-million dollar asset sale to one of the nation’s largest health care systems.

  • Represented Martin Ventures where Martin Ventures was lead investor or co-investor in the purchase of debt and equity securities in the following transactions:

    • BEKHealth, a company that uses data processing and workflow solutions to develop more accurate and automated trial feasibility and patient trial matching.
    • Cadence, a pioneering health technology company that offers remote patient monitoring for large health systems.
    • Hashed Health, a health care innovation firm focused on accelerating the meaningful development of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.
    • Interactive Health Centers, a company that enables health care providers to offer specialized psychiatric and behavioral health services via telehealth.
    • Interactive Life Network, a nationally recognized treatment center for mental health, addiction and intimacy disorders.
    • Ludi, a company that optimizes physician spend by bringing technology to physician contract compliance and automation to payments.
    • Mployer Advisor, a company that enables employers to find the best benefits and insurance for their unique needs at a competitive price.
    • Memora Health, a company that provides enterprise productivity software and operating systems that automate patient follow-up, instructions, health coaching, and collection of patient-reported outcomes within one software system.
    • OncoLens, a company that delivers innovative solutions for tumor board management, survivorship care planning, accreditation and quality improvement.
    • ProCredEx, a digital marketplace solution for credentialing professionals at health care organizations.
    • ReadiVet, an on-demand veterinary care company.
    • Reimagine Care, Inc., a company that partners with health care systems and independent oncologists to support value-based oncology care delivery in the community setting.
    • SpineZone, Inc., a company that offers a neck and back rehab therapy solution focused on the prevention, treatment, and recovery of spinal conditions.
    • StationMD, a telehealth medical service that offers immediate virtual access to board-certified physicians specifically trained in the care of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
    • SubjectWell, a patient recruitment platform designed to deliver highly qualified referrals for clinical trials.
    • Trilliant Health, Inc., an analytics and data science company that focuses on strategies to maximize revenue and expand market share.
    • Wellvana Health, LLC, a company that partners with independent physicians for the purpose of developing and maintaining clinically integrated health care networks.
    • Well Health, Inc., a company that provides a unified communications platform for providers and health systems to facilitate an enhanced digital patient experience.
    • Zus, Inc., a company focused on empowering new, digital-first health care builders who will create digital health technologies and services that are cheaper, more customizable and more personalized.
  • Represented Mountain Group Partners where Mountain Group was lead investor in the purchase of debt and equity securities in the following transactions:

    • Advanced Animal Diagnostics, Inc., a company that has developed diagnostic tests to help livestock producers detect diseases and manage the reproductive, nutritional and overall health status of animals.
    • Airvet, a company that offers virtual pet telehealth to large and mid-sized enterprises as an employee benefit.
    • AN2 Therapeutics, Inc., a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on novel medicines targeting infectious diseases.
    • AngelEye Health, Inc., a company that has developed internet-based camera systems and educational and clinical communications software to transform neonatal care.
    • Appello Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a preclinical-stage company focused on the treatment of Parkinson's disease.
    • Aspire Health, Inc., a health care company that assists patients facing a serious illness.
    • Boragen, Inc., a small molecule development company focused on leveraging the unique chemical properties of Boron chemistry, both in crop protection and animal health.
    • Castle Biosciences, Inc., a company that develops and commercializes molecular diagnostics to aid health care professionals in assessing types and sub-types of tumors.
    • Cerebrotech Medical Systems, Inc., a company that has developed a non-invasive, continuous monitor for early detection of cerebral fluid change that can occur in a number of neurologic conditions.
    • Circular Genomics, a leader in the use of circular RNA as a novel biomarker to power precision medicine to improve the diagnosis and treatment of neurological and psychiatric conditions.
    • Cyber Physical Systems, Inc., a consumer product development and service company that develops telematics devices for vehicle safety. 
    • Diabetes Care Group, Inc., a health care services firm focused on treating diabetes.
    • Diagnovus, Inc., a company that develops and commercializes molecular diagnostics to aid health care professionals in assessing types and sub-types of tumors.
    • Evermind, Inc., a company that remotely monitors the usage of home appliances and home medical equipment.
    • In the Bowl Animal Health, Inc., a company that provides pet owners with a creative alternative to current methods of drug administration.
    • MedCenterDisplay, Inc., a company that commercializes digital health networks in hospitals with screens in high wait-time and high traffic areas.
    • Mindera Health, Inc., a company that has developed a proprietary micro biopsy tool. 
    • NuSirt Sciences, Inc., a biotechnology company focused on developing products targeting metabolic diseases associated with over-nutrition such as: obesity, diabetes, and inflammatory stress.
    • Panopto, Inc., a company that offers a flexible and easy-to-use presentation capture platform that lets users capture, edit, stream, archive, and share recordings that preserve critical knowledge.
    • Preferral, Inc., a platform for referral management, analytics and document routing.
    • Silicon Ranch Corporation, a developer and operator of utility scale solar facilities.
    • TARGAN, Inc., a poultry vaccine delivery device company.
    • Verility, a company that offers a mobile based testing platform for fertility analysis in swine and other farm animals.
    • Vytelle, a company developing in vitro fertilization and data technologies for improved cattle genetics and performance.
  • Represented Mountain Group in the following exit transactions:

    • Diagnovus, Inc. in the acquisition by Aegis Sciences Corporation in January 2015.
    • MedCenterDisplay, Inc. in the acquisition by PatientPoint in November 2016.

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