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Baker's Dozen: What Are Your Best "Balance" Tips?

Women's Initiative Newsletter

We recently asked our Firm's "Women to Equity" class members about their best tips on achieving "balance." These women, are all on a path towards equity, balancing busy work schedules and client relationships with their families, friends, and their health.

  1. Mary Wu Tullis: I try and devote one weekend each month to self-care.
  2. Martha Boyd: I try to focus on billable work during the week and non-billable work on the weekends. I am also trying to do better at what I say "No" and "Yes" to; making sure I am saying "Yes" to the important things in life.
  3. Dena Sokolow: I try and take a little time for myself each day; even if it’s just reading a chapter in a book or drinking a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise, I have found that having that time makes my approach to the workday better.
  4. Layna Rush: On the days that I find myself not quite as busy, I try to take a deep breath and enjoy those moments.
  5. Bonnie Michael: My daughter will soon be a senior in high school, and I want to make sure I spend as much time with her as I can right now. One way I do that is by planning my calendar way in advance, making a point to calendar work travel and schedule mother-daughter trips.
  6. Mabel Arroyo-Tirado: One way I feel "balanced" is by running and taking care of myself.
  7. Katy Furr: When it comes to balancing work and family, I try to go to as much as I can for my kids without worrying so much about the things I am not able to make. For my own mental health, I try and let go of the guilt on both sides about what I am missing for work and what I am missing for my kids. I also invest in taking care of my own personal health by exercising as much as I can with my new Tread.
  8. Blair Evans: I have made a point to stay moving and stay healthy. I keep a checklist on my refrigerator that reminds me to get in some sort of movement each day – whether that’s walking the dog or going up and down the stairs, I know I will feel better if I just get up and move a little bit.
  9. Allison Cohen: I find that I feel balanced when I am exercising regularly and focusing on me and my physical health.
  10. Caldwell Collins: I try and map out time in advance with my family. I go ahead and try to build in as much of that time as I can for the year.
  11. Beth Liner: One way I strive to find balance is to really be "in the moment." Whether at home, with friends, or even at work, I make a point to take in those special moments around me.
  12. Michelle Zaltsberg: I try not to let the thought of having so much on my plate become an added stress and instead, I just focus on moving forward.
  13. Tessa Vorhaben: Scheduling time for self-care, vacation, and family time just like you would any other meeting. Unplugging sometimes is necessary to prevent burnout. Giving myself grace, not guilt, when I find my life is not in perfect "balance", because sometimes it’s the self-imposed pressure and expectations to have perfect balance that can cause stress. Asking for help or delegating is not a sign of weakness; sometimes, it is necessary in order to provide excellent client service while also accomplishing other goals or tasks and meeting basic human needs, like sleeping.



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