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Baker's Dozen – Tips for Practicing Mindfulness

Women's Initiative Newsletter

As we embark on another year, our Baker's Dozen for this issue is focused on providing tips on getting into a healthy mindset, how to approach each day with a new perspective, and spending quality time on yourself.

  1. Wake up and set your intention for the day — when you wake up, ask yourself: How might I show up today to have the best impact? During difficult moments, how might I be more compassionate to myself and others?
  2. Remember to breathe! When I feel myself getting stressed, I tend to hold my breath, which causes more stress.
  3. Check in with yourself throughout the day. Ask yourself: How am I feeling? Do I need a break? Are I feeling overwhelmed?
  4. Practice self-care: Often, we put the needs of others ahead of our own, which can leave us feeling burned out. Self-care can mean indulging in a massage or carving out 10 minutes a day to read your favorite magazine or book. No matter what you do, focus on the moment and being fully present.
  5. Turn off notifications on your phone or computer for chunks of time. This will allow you minimize distractions and focus on being fully present.
  6. Stop multitasking! Do one thing at a time.
  7. Set and stick to intentions when you are in a group. For instance, when you are meeting with colleagues and clients, be purposeful about your meeting. Always have a clear meeting agenda; make sure every attendee has an agenda in advance; delegate every decision; clearly give deadlines.
  8. Practice mindful listening. This means listening to what others are saying without judgment.
  9. Set specific times throughout the day to check social media or websites.
  10. Take breaks throughout the day.
  11. Practice being present in each situation. For instance, when you are at dinner with family, put away your phone and be present.
  12. Move! Whether it is a 10-minute walk, 30-minute yoga session, or 15-minute jog, movement helps us be present.
  13. Start a reflection journal. At the end of each day, reflect on your successes and areas needing improvement. I keep a journal in my bedside table where I take notes on my "wins" and AOIs (areas of improvement). For instance, an entry could look like, "Win: Today, I was able to sense when I needed a breather, which lessened my stress. AOI: I found myself checking my email during a meeting; focus on being present."
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