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Ransomware Attacks in 2021: How to Navigate the Evolving Threat Landscape


From Colonial Pipeline to Acer to JBS USA, ransomware attacks have dominated the headlines throughout the first half of 2021. These attacks have become more sophisticated, more costly and more harmful than ever due to the increased threat of cybercriminals stealing your organization's (and your customer's) sensitive information. Recent attacks have shown that no industry is immune and, with ransom demands soaring, the potential damage to financial institutions can be catastrophic. The legal and reputational risks from these attacks can be substantial, and it is imperative for every financial institution to be prepared to combat this evolving threat landscape.

This webinar will provide an overview of the current ransomware threat environment, best practices to help your organization mitigate the risk of a ransomware attack, the do’s and don’ts for responding to an attack, the legal considerations of making a ransomware payment, and tools or technologies that your organization can use to defend against attacks. We will be joined by John Ansbach, Vice President of Stroz Friedberg, who leads incident response and forensic investigations into cybersecurity incidents, including ransomware attacks, and helps build cyber resilience programs to defend against such attacks.

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