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Promoting efficiency and guiding our clients through intelligent knowledge management is a priority at Baker Donelson.


Promoting efficiency and guiding our clients through intelligent knowledge management is a priority at Baker Donelson. How we adopt, understand and apply technology plays a critical role in providing more than what clients expect from a law firm.

The era of converging technologies has created exciting opportunities which benefit our attorneys and clients alike. Technology allows our clients to work with one firm while benefiting from the services of more than 700 attorneys and advisors. Similarly, it brings our 21 offices together with access to a robust knowledge base. Baker Donelson's Technology Resources utilize proven software and multi-media platforms in several ways.

BakerNet is Baker Donelson's comprehensive intranet that provides real-time support for our attorneys and support staff members. Here, each attorney has direct access to the most current work product within the Firm.

Library Resources
Baker Donelson maintains a fully automated online library which cross-references thousands of legal research sites. This allows our attorneys instant access to the latest court rulings, practice specific data, news articles and legislative information. Therefore, our attorneys have the latest information they need for their research at their fingertips.

Internal Online Video Training
Our online video training extends the legal profession’s traditional approaches to training and skills management for our attorneys. These technologies can also be customized for our clients’ employees as in-house training and seminars. Workplace harassment and discrimination prevention, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and drug-free workplace are just a few of the topics offered.

Litigation Management Software
Baker Donelson deploys the most up-to-date litigation management software available. Through customized, secure litigation extranets, the software allows our attorneys to collaborate with clients and other counsel on litigation matters.

From a centralized document store, the extranet provides instant access to extensive databases that contain discovery documents, as well as all previous and current litigation work product. In addition, the extranet employs critical date calendars with automatic email alerts for attorneys and clients regarding pending deadlines. Baker Donelson has the ability to deploy this technology to local and regional counsel across the U.S., allowing us to provide the value-added service of managing multi-jurisdictional litigation with a formalized, standard approach. The extranet can also help manage client litigation expenses.

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