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Baker's Dozen: Best Self-Care Tips

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Self-care is not self-indulgence. Self-care is self-respect. In a busy world of work, family, community, charitable, religious, etc. responsibilities, we are pulled in so many directions. Our own needs often play second fiddle to increasing demands on our time and energy. We compiled the best tips from our attorneys to help you make a conscious effort to put you on that list of priorities.   

1. Apps

  • Free Headspace. I am sure many of us have this same issue – turning off the brain to fall asleep. I have tried melatonin, warm baths, a glass of wine, but this app has been the hands-down best tool to quiet the noise in my head to get some much-needed rest.
    Katie L. Dysart, Shareholder, New Orleans
  • Shipt. I have used Shipt for grocery delivery for three months and it is life changing. My Sundays are now free after church. And, I spend less because I do not see a bunch of other food to buy!
  • App Life360. To keep up with your teens' whereabouts, track their phones using this app. You can upgrade to get weekly or daily driving reports that show how fast the teen was driving, whether they slammed on the breaks or accelerated, and even how many times they texted during each drive.
    Angie Davis, Shareholder, Memphis

2. Books

3. Boundaries

  • Step one is to set boundaries regarding your time and priorities and knowing your limitations. Step two is to respect and abide by your own boundaries so you can use that time toward your priorities, whether it be personal time, sleep, time with your family, or hobbies.
    Kimberly A. Chojnacki, Associate, Houston

4. Exercise

  • Early Morning Exercise. For self-care, I wake up at 5:00 a.m. to jog or go to barre class. With three little ones, if I don't exercise in the morning, it won't get done. Plus, it puts me in the right frame of mind to tackle the day.
    Tessa P. Vorhaben, Of Counsel, New Orleans
  • Partnering. Go to a spin class with a friend once a week. This helps us keep ourselves accountable and energized!
    – Laura E. Collins, Associate, Birmingham
  • Set Workout Times. Fitting in time to exercise is tough, but I found that working out at a 4:30 p.m. Orange Theory class every Friday afternoon has been a wonderful addition to my self-care routine. A Friday afternoon workout is a great release from the week's stresses and helps me transition into an exciting weekend with my family.
    Kathleen G. Furr, Shareholder, Atlanta
  • Peloton Workouts. Peloton Workouts offer live and on-demand workout classes.
    Kelly M. Preteroti, Shareholder, Baltimore

5. Gratitude

  • Morning gratitude practice before looking at any technology.

6. Inspiration

7. Meditation

  • I believe whole-heartedly in the power of meditation. Just ten minutes a day can make a profound difference in a person's well-being and can teach one how to acknowledge her thoughts without judgment rather than being ruled by the chatterings of an untrained brain unleashed. There is an app called "Waking Up," and I highly recommend taking a look at adding a meditation practice to any busy woman lawyer's life.
    – J. Lane Crowder, Of Counsel, Chattanooga

8. Organization

  • I highly recommend the app Remember the Milk if you are a list-maker like me. It allows me to organize my lists by topic, person, etc. and has hashtags and text/email reminders. I can view my lists on my computer and it syncs to my phone, too. I also follow TheHomeEdit on Instagram, run by two hilarious Nashville women who offer organization tips.
    Dena H. Sokolow, Shareholder, Tallahassee

9. Pampering

  • For the last four years, I have taken one hour each week to get a massage. I book a month in advance through an app so there is no hassle. I go to the same person every time so she knows exactly what I need. They automatically draft my debit card and include my usual tip so there is not one second of wasted time. I arrive two minutes before my appointment and walk out 55 minutes later. It has changed my life!
    M. Kim Vance, Shareholder, Nashville

10. Technology Hacks

  • I have an Amazon Smart Speaker in every room/area of my house and I dictate my grocery list to it as I think of things. The list syncs with the Amazon Prime Now app, allowing me to have those items delivered from Whole Foods for free in two-hour windows every week or so (with Prime).
    Emily R. Billig, Associate, Baltimore

11. Work Efficiencies

  • I try to get way ahead on work before the last month of the fiscal year. Then, I try to take off every Friday that month and work on my scrapbooks, drink red wine, and eat dark chocolate. I feel no guilt because I'm taking those days with cash (time I already banked) rather than on credit (knowing I'm going to have make up for it). I start the new year refreshed and renewed.
    Christy Tosh Crider, Shareholder, Nashville

12. Travel

  • I always travel with tea tree oil, which is good for a lot of things, and ten antibiotic tablets, which have gotten me home a few times. No matter the season, I always pack a black lightweight turtleneck and black socks. I have had what was to be warm weather turn cold in San Diego, Orlando, and Dallas, and learned that these two things can save the day. I always pack athletic shoes.
    Linda S. Finley, Shareholder, Atlanta

13. Podcasts (Some of these are not self-care, but who cares? They are great)

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