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Diversity Matters: Note from the Editor

Diversity Matters Newsletter

When I think of the spring season, I think of the act of spring cleaning, which I suspect most equate to simply cleaning and decluttering our homes. I encourage you to think about spring cleaning more broadly. In addition to ensuring our homes are clean and clutter-free, this is a great time to consider how we can declutter our minds, refocus our goals and resolutions, and evaluate our next steps based on the progress we have made to date. Self-assessments are a critical part of striving to reach goals. One specific area that warrants frequent review relates to our organization's and our own personal diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, plans, and goals. What goals did you set? What goals did you reach? What goals were not achieved? Have you lost momentum? If so, how can you get back on track? Have you given back? Are you paying it forward?

I think this is only a small set of critical questions for anyone assessing their efforts to advance their DEI initiatives, plans, and goals. I find myself assessing the direction of this newsletter, the Firm's D&I communication efforts, our Diversity Ever After D&I podcast, and my own personal commitment to "practice what I preach" about creating more inclusive spaces. Two takeaways for me during this process are acknowledging the true power of connection and paying it forward. This is illustrated in Episode One of the third season of the podcast. This is also illustrated in our client profile, wherein we spotlight two businesses in Memphis, Tennessee that are owned and operated by Black women. Their stories show us the power of networks and sharing our knowledge, opportunities, and experiences with others to help them grow. As you read the articles in this edition, I encourage you to reflect on how you can assess your goals for the year, your giving back, and your ability to help others on their journey even if you have not yet reached your own end-measure of “success.”

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