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"Writing an Affidavit is Truly an Art Form," March 28, 2008

"Know Your Rights Under Ga.'s Bill of Rights," March 7, 2008

"You Are What You Eat, So Know Food Laws," January 25, 2008

"Auctions – What You Should Know," December 21, 2007

"Selling a Business? What You Need to Know," November 23, 2007

"Internet Attacks Can be Repelled by Law," October 26, 2007

"Just Say No to One-Sided Business Deals," September 28, 2007

"What a Long, Strange Legislative Trip It's Been," July 27, 2007

"Raising Capital Will Be Easier If SEC Proposal Becomes Law," June 29, 2007

"Know How to Protect Your Business," May 25, 2007

"Case Expands Your Screening Obligations," April 27, 2007

"Know The Weight Of Weights And Measures Laws," March 29, 2007

"If Adversary Is A Racketeer, Consider RICO," February 23, 2007

"Diligence Necessary In Evaluation A Franchise," Feb. 15, 2007

"Fight Back When Insurance Won't Pay," Jan. 26, 2007

"Help Is Available To Those With Tax Trouble," Nov. 30, 2006

"Defining Terms Can Be A Tricky Business," Oct. 27, 2006

"Top 10 Ways To Avoid Franchise Traps," Sept. 28, 2006

"Law Offers Protection From Theft Of Services," Aug. 31, 2006

"What A Long, Strange Legislative Trip It's Been," Aug. 3, 2006

"Nice Guys Finish Last in Contract Disputes," June 29, 2006

"Unsolicited Merchandise: Finders Keeps," May 26, 2006

"Make Sure You Get Paid For Services Rendered," April 28, 2006

"Remedies Abound For Promises Forsaken," March 24, 2006

Moderator -Round Table: "Going Global," March 10, 2006

"Computer Theft Law Misused In Business Spats," Feb. 24, 2006

"Fight Back Against Abusive Litigation," Jan. 27, 2006

"It's Not Criminal To Be Prepared," Jan. 6, 2006

"Protect Yourself from ERISA Lawsuits," Nov. 25, 2005

"Make Sure You Are Minimum Wage Savvy," Oct. 28, 2005

"Good Intent Leads To Legal Land Mines," Sept. 29, 2005

Moderator -Round Table: "The Creative Edge," Sept. 22, 2005

"Handle Unincorporated Organizations With Care," Aug. 26, 2005

"To Avoid Lawsuits, Adopt Good Hiring Procedures," July 28, 2005

"Defamation Claims Can Sting The Careless," June 30, 2005

"Knowledge Of Discrimination Laws Vital," June 2, 2005

"Under Oath, Linguistic Fraud Will Only Hurt," April 28, 2005

"Callers Doing Business: Beware New Law," March 31, 2005

"Fight One-Sided Computer Deals," March 17, 2005

"Letter Etiquette A Firecracker In Arsenal," Jan. 28, 2005

"Know Your Rights If You Receive A Bad Check," Dec. 31, 2004

"The Georgia Trade Secrets Act Has Teeth," Nov. 26, 2004

"Beware Of The Voluntary Payment Doctrine," Oct. 22, 2004

"Minority Certification Brings Opportunity," Sept. 24, 2004

"Nuances Of Employment At Will," Aug. 20, 2004

"Protect Your Assets With A Prenuptial Agreement," July 23, 2004

"How To Survive An Oral Interrogation," June 25, 2004

"How You Can Survive The Dreaded IRS Audit," June 4, 2004

"What You Should Know About Divorce," April 29, 2004

"Beware Of The Top 10 Scams Of 2004!," March 26, 2004

"If Hiring A Lawyer Doesn't Pay, Use Self-Help," February 27, 2004

"Know Your Rights Against Insurers," January 23, 2004

"Polygraphs: Junk Science Or Useful Business Tool," December 5, 2003

"All About Restrictive Covenants In Georgia," October 24, 2003

"What Franchisees Don't Know Can Hurt Them," September 26, 2003

"How To Raise Money Offshore Using Reg. S" – August 22, 2003

"A Strip, A Strap, A Straddle Or A Strangle? – Derivatives Demystified," July 25, 2003

"Tips For Tenants On Commercial Leases," June 27, 2003

"How To Use Finders In Raising Capital," May 23, 2003

"Beware Of Fine Print In Your Bank Agreement," April 25, 2003

"What's In A Name? More Than You May Know," March 28, 2003

"Guaranteed Another's Debt? All May Not Be Lost," February 28, 2003

"Now May Be The Time To Start A Hedge Fund," January 24, 2003

"Are You Destined To Repeat Your Past Successes?," January 17, 2003

"Good Employment Contract Covers All Parties," December 20, 2002

"Do You Know About Accredited Investors?," November 22, 2002

"What To Know About Multi-State Taxation," November 8, 2002

"Your Money: Be Sure You Have Access To Your Cash," October 25, 2002

"Doing Due Diligence Keeps Surprise Out Of Business Buys," September 27, 2002

Moderator – Roundtable Discussion: "Is Congress Minding Your Business? (Sarbanes-Oxley Act)," September 2002

"Ruling Expands Risks In Business Deals (Georgia Fair Business Practices Act)," August 30, 2002

"Unregistered Securities Sales Can Weigh Heavily," August 23, 2002

"Making Stock Options Work For You," July 26, 2002

"Closely Held Businesses Need Buy-Sell Agreements," July 5, 2002

"Raise Funding With This Little Known Tool (Regulation A)," May 24, 2002

Moderator – Roundtable Discussion: "Are You Squeaky Clean? (Accounting Practices)," April 12, 2002

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