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Diversity Matters: Note from the Editor - Fall 2015

Diversity Matters Newsletter

The excitement is still evident from the Supreme Court's June decision on marriage equality. Friends, coworkers and clients have made up and changed their minds and reactions to the ruling, all while keeping the social media world updated. There have also been many related discussions involving Caitlyn Jenner and what "transgender" really means, followed by media attention regarding the meaning of "trans-racial" in light of Rachel Dolezal's self-identification as black. Now, the question becomes: how does, or should, all of this affect behavior in the workplace?

The response is easy: Don't ask any questions; don't spread any rumors; don't put your nose where it doesn't belong. All anyone really wants is RESPECT. Aretha has been singing about it for years.

The only thing one needs to concern himself or herself with is just to respect co-workers, clients, customers and whomever else may cross one's path. Respect each person for the value and integrity they bring to the workplace, where unwelcome comments have no place. Diversity and inclusion are not mutually exclusive terms. Diversity reflects the spectrum of characteristics that each one of us possesses, while inclusion involves respecting those differences and using them in a productive fashion. Without a diverse population and recognition of everyone's individual qualities, progress stagnates. The Supreme Court is one of many entities to realize that truth, and it has set the bar for the rest of America.

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