The Elephant in the Room: Understanding the FLSA in the Construction Industry

September 18, 2008

A successful construction project moves along swiftly, with the focus of general contractors and its subcontractors one goal: safe completion of the work. But, while contractors are intently focused on securing materials and labor, ensuring quality of work and timelines, and accommodating owner preferences, wage and hour issues can be overlooked.

This presentation is geared towards general counsel, project managers, and supervisors of general contractors and subcontractors to explain the applicability and pitfalls of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in the construction industry. At a time when civil litigation on this topic is increasing, this presentation will identify the basic rules and regulations under the FLSA, the most common mistakes made by employers (including those in the construction industry), enforcement by the Department of Labor and through civil suit, as well as mitigation through contract drafting and periodic audit. Following completion of the program, the participant will have a good understanding of how best to avoid exposure to FLSA liability, so that the project can be completed without incident.

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