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Ideas to Spark Joy in Your Office

Women's Initiative Newsletter

For most of us, our office space is our home away from home. We spend most of our waking hours each week in our offices. For that reason alone, our offices should spark joy within us when we are in them and when we think about them. The attorney offices across Baker Donelson are certainly unique and reflect individual styles and panache. Here, we highlight the offices of Kelly Overstreet Johnson, Sam Felker and Ruthie Hagan.

We all likely spend more time at our office than at our home. In opening the Tallahassee office, I wanted to make it a place that was warm, welcoming and enjoyable to visit and work. Dena Sokolow and I shared that vision and it came to fruition with the contemporary décor, and teal and turquoise color scheme, unique lighting and artwork. We put many hours into making the office a place we look forward to going every morning – it was personal to us and continues to be. Somewhat surprising are the constant comments we get from visitors about how much they love visiting our office and that it is such a nice change from the décor of other law firms.

Kelly Overstreet Johnson, Office Managing Shareholder, Tallahassee

When I moved my office to Baker Donelson five years ago, I was determined to create a space that would be comfortable, welcoming and joyful – because we spend so much time here. My solution was to create my "happy wall" of a dozen colorful photographs taken by me of places I have visited around the world. Each one evokes a special memory. Whenever I get down or stressed out, I can find something there that makes me smile!

Samuel L. Felker, Shareholder, Nashville

What sparks joy? Color! If we spend a lot of time in our offices, why shouldn't they reflect our personality and how we live? My "lipstick pink" velvet chair is my favorite accessory in my office. Cute, a little funky and very comfortable. Everyone that visits always sits in the pink chair. I also love poppy-colored art – my office has its fair share of local art that is bursting with color. Walking into my office in the morning and looking at the poppy colors makes me happy and most certainly sparks joy.

Ruthie Hagan, Of Counsel, Memphis

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