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Time Saver Savvy – June 2015

Women's Initiative Newsletter

This month's tips are from some of the women who are part of Baker Donelson's newest group of shareholders.

"Learn when it may be best to say no. Not every opportunity presented to you is appropriate to take. By being selective in agreeing to speaking engagements, articles to write, committees to serve upon, etc., you will inevitably save yourself time that can otherwise be channeled into other personal or professional projects that may be more rewarding in the long run. If you do turn down an opportunity, try and identify another person who may be better suited for the opportunity. Also, multitask when possible and appropriate. There's no reason why you can't get a pedicure while reviewing documents, outlining a brief, catching up on periodicals or articles, etc."

– Kathlyn Perez Bethune

"Make lists – be sure to write down everything you need to do, professional and personal. You can use a notepad, iPad or anything that works for you, but writing it down will get it out of your head, help you prioritize and keep you from forgetting. Just remember to be flexible. Life is unpredictable, and sometimes we have to tackle those things that are not on our list first.  And take time for yourself everyday – even if it just 30 minutes to take a walk or read a book. Taking time for yourself will help clear your head and make you more productive."

– Whitney Harmon

"I employ the 'one touch rule' at home and in the office for magazines and other mail to keep things from piling up. Each day, I review and address each piece of mail as it's received – party invites go on the calendar and refrigerator, bills are placed in a separate dish to be paid, other correspondence is read and then recycled. Magazines and catalogs can get out of control quickly and are read and recycled the same day or within a few days of receipt. For articles that I want to save at work, I tear them out and scan them, and save them to a folder on my hard drive. I also keep articles and other individual photos, etc. from fashion and design magazines in plastic sleeves that are organized in binders by season and material – they take up a lot less space than keeping the entire magazine for future reference. Also, I use dry shampoo. Some days you just don't have time to wash your hair, and dry shampoo will help you get out the door quickly. A great tip for new moms too who rarely have time to shower in those first few months after you welcome a new little one into the world."

– Catherine Long

"At work, I only touch an email once. If I open an email, I handle it through to its conclusion before archiving it. At home, I use Sunday to get a jump start on dinners – boil veggies, cut fruit, make salad dressing, grill meat, or cook a couple of crock pot meals. With two kids under six, this is the only way that I can get dinner on the table shortly after I get home from work."

– Sarah-Nell Walsh

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