Baker Donelson Center
Suite 800
211 Commerce Street
Nashville, TN 37201

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F: 615.726.0464
  • Managing Shareholder:
    Scott D. Carey
  • Office Administrator:
    Judy Wiens

The beginnings of our Nashville history can be traced to Howard H. Baker beating Lewis Donelson to the punch. When the Donelson firm was looking to establish a presence in Nashville, the Baker Worthington firm already had strong Middle Tennessee roots. For a time, Heiskell Donelson and Baker Worthington coexisted as friendly rivals among Nashville firms.

Yet, Lewis Donelson's ties to Nashville had much earlier beginnings. His ancestor, Colonel John Donelson, became one of the first people to relocate to this area in the late 1700s. It was then he co-founded Fort Nashborough, which later became the city of Nashville. It was here that another Donelson relative, President Andrew Jackson, resided as Colonel Donelson's son-in-law. Some 150 years later, in the long service tradition of his family, Lewis Donelson went on to serve as Tennessee's Commissioner of Finance and Administration here.

By 1987 Heiskell Donelson had established a presence in Nashville. Unprecedented change came in the 1990s. Nashville landed the NFL's Titans and NHL's Predators. Along with its music industry, Nashville was becoming a major sports destination. At the same time, companies moved to town in droves and the city became one of the top corporate relocation markets in the U.S. Nashville started to receive accolades as a top place to visit, live, work and launch a business. As Nashville boomed, the firms of Heiskell Donelson and Baker Worthington grew and eventually joined forces in 1994.

Today our Nashville office boasts a true client-friendly environment that's also been recognized as a "Best Places to Work" by the Nashville Business Journal for the past four years.