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Jim LackeyJim Lackey, chairman of the board/CEO of Complete Holdings Group, defines the type of people you want to hire for your company. read more
February 10, 2015 1:21 PM | Permalink
Scott RouseScott Rouse, body language expert, says it's a good sign to see a strong reaction on an investor's face when you are talking to them. read more
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Andrew BouldinAndrew Bouldin, Principal of FCA Venture Partners, suggests quantifying customer demand when talking to investors. read more
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Matthew SimpsonMatthew Simpson, founder of LoLo, encourages you to find those customers that are willing to pay for, use and tell other people about your product. read more
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Matt HeiterMatt Heiter, attorney at Baker Donelson, says to be cautious and keep careful records when issuing equity as payment for third party services. read more
January 14, 2015 10:14 AM | Permalink
Shawn GlinterShawn Glinter, Co-Founder/CEO of NanoFerix, Inc., says maintaining focus and balance in your personal and professional life is a key to success as an entrepreneur. read more
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Lodie BiggsLodie Biggs, attorney at Baker Donelson, encourages you to look at both the state and local level for company incentives. read more
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Shawn GlinterAccording to Shawn Glinter, Co-Founder/CEO of Nanoferix, Inc., you should surround yourself with people that want to help you, not just people that are successful and talented. read more
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Matt HeiterMatt Heiter, attorney at Baker Donelson, explains the importance of properly classifying employees under the Federal Wage and Hour laws. read more
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David FurseDavid Furse, Leader of the Mentor Program at Vanderbilt, explains the three things he looks for when evaluating a new entrepreneur. read more