Asset Based Finance

Baker Donelson represents a number of large banks, community banks, credit unions and other financial institutions on asset based loans, including revolving loans for working capital and term loans for asset acquisitions and refinancings. Our attorneys have experience dealing with an extensive range of collateral securing these loans, including accounts receivable, inventory, chattel paper, real property, timber, investment property, equity interests, oil and gas rights, motor vehicles, aircraft, vessels, and other types of equipment. Our firm also has significant Equipment Finance and Real Estate Finance practices.

Our group handles the full range of asset based financial transactions and is made up of attorneys with extensive backgrounds in financial services, tax, corporate, commercial litigation and bankruptcy. Some examples of the services we provide are:

  • Creating or evaluating form documents for asset based loans;
  • Structuring loan transactions or addressing various issues in specific loan proposals;
  • Documenting, negotiating and closing complex asset based loan transactions, including direct loans for financial institutions and syndicated loans for the agent bank;
  • Reviewing loan documentation for financial institutions that are participating in syndicated loans;
  • Representing the lender in court on loan enforcement and work out matters; and
  • Advocating for financial institutions' rights in bankruptcy matters.

Representative Matters

  • Prepared form asset based loan documents for large national banking institutions.
  • Represented lenders on syndication of a $195 million loan to national insurance premium finance company.
  • Served as counsel to lenders on revolving and term loan syndications aggregating $25 million loans to borrowers in the timber industry secured by accounts receivable, timber contracts and real property in a number of states in the southeastern United States.
  • Assisted lenders on syndication of revolving and term loans to tire distributor aggregating more than $45 million secured by motor vehicles, equipment, and real property.
  • Represented lender on direct $23 million revolving loan and term loans aggregating more than $10 million dollars to industrial manufacturing borrower secured by accounts receivable, inventory and equipment.
  • Worked with lenders on $60 million dollar syndicated revolving loan secured by accounts receivable of borrower providing financing to the transportation industry.
  • Served as counsel to lender on several term loans aggregating over $30 million to inland marine transportation borrower secured by towboats and barges.
  • Represented lender on $26 million term loan to borrower secured by investment property in several brokerage accounts.
  • Assisted lender on $25 million revolving loan to dealerships and affiliated finance companies secured by receivables, inventory and other assets.
  • Represented lender on $65 million revolving loan to heavy equipment manufacturer secured by equipment inventory, receivables and other assets.
  • Served as counsel to lender on $25 million revolving loan and $10 million term loan to beverage wholesaler secured by brokerage accounts, accounts receivable, inventory and undeveloped real estate.
  • Obtained $25 million revolving loan and a $95 million term loan on behalf of manufacturer secured by all assets of the company (real and personal) and stock of its subsidiaries in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Mexico.
  • Represented a lender on a $13.5 million loan to car dealers and related finance companies secured by inventory, accounts and chattel paper of four companies.
  • Represented lender on $30 million revolving loan secured by accounts receivables and inventory and stock of borrower.
  • Obtained $250 million loan secured by all assets of manufacturing client.