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Baker Donelson constantly works to help our clients stay informed of legal and political issues affecting their businesses. Topical alerts with the most recent developments are published on a regular basis. And our events and seminars are held year-round and provide clients with in-depth, innovative thought leadership on many different topics. Search our latest news and upcoming events.

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Press Releases

August 20, 2014
248 Baker Donelson Attorneys Included in The Best Lawyers in America© 2015 Listing
Suzan A. Abramson, Ben C. Adams, Alissa J. Allison, Lauren W. Anderson, D. Keith Andress, Edward Arnold, Mary Aronov, L. Mabel Arroyo, Adam S. Baldridge, Zachary J. Bancroft, Andrea Barach, Gerardo R. Barrios, Thomas E. Bartrum, Alton E. Bayard III, John B. Beard, David L. Bearman, Leo Bearman Jr., Kenneth C. Beckman, Jenna M. Bedsole, Jonell B. Beeler, Sheryl Bey, Lodie V. Biggs, Sam Blair, Julie A. Boswell, Martha L. Boyd, Peter L. Brewer, W. Davidson Broemel, Joel R. Buckberg, Ashby Q. Burks, Craig L. Caesar, Heather Johnson Camp, Joe W. Campbell, Phyllis Cancienne, Christopher M. Caputo, Scott D. Carey, Mark A. B. Carlson, Brigid M. Carpenter, Sam Chafetz, Michael B. Chance, Roy C. Cheatwood, Stephen F. Chiccarelli, Frank Childress, Spencer Clift, Patricia Clotfelter, Robert C. Clotworthy, Barry K. Cockrell, Ross N. Cohen, Jonathan Cole, Craig Creighton Conley, Joe A. Conner, Richard G. Cowart, James H. Daigle, Angie Davis, Christopher O. Davis, Michael T. Dawkins, Nancy Scott Degan, Warner Joseph Delaune, Robert C. Divine, Bruce C. Doeg, Lewis Donelson III, James K. Dossett Jr., Brooks Eason, Lawrence S. Eastwood Jr., Stephen Edds, Steven J. Eisen, Robert S. Emmett, Kenneth P. "Pete" Ezell Jr., Sue Hicks Fairbank, Richard Faulkner Jr., Samuel Lanier Felker, Charles W. Ferguson, David E. Fielder, Linda S. Finley, Gregory G. Fletcher, William H.D. Fones Jr., Barry W. Ford, Rusty Fortenberry, Donna Fraiche, Mark W. Frilot, Monica A. Frois, Floyd D. Gaines, Grady M. Garrison, Jonathan R. Geisen, David Gevertz, Courtney H. Gilmer, R. Mark Glover, Stephen D. Goodwin, Richard B. Gossett, Charles K. Grant, Russell W. Gray, Mark D. Griffin, Steven F. Griffith Jr., Tonya Mitchem Grindon, John A. Gupton III, Michael S. Haber, W. Patton Hahn, Nedom A. Haley, David Hall, James R. "Josh" Hall Jr., Matt Harris, Carl E. Hartley, Martha A. Hartley, Jeffrey W. Hastings, Robert E. Hauberg Jr., Jan M. Hayden, Matthew S. Heiter, Thomas O. Helton, John S. Hicks, Cameron S. Hill Sr., John Hinton, William Howard III, H. Chervis Isom, Mary Ann Jackson, Frank S. James, Kelly Overstreet Johnson, Micheline Kelly Johnson, Wilton J. Johnson, James L. Jones, Walker W. Jones III, Jennifer P. Keller, Jon Stephen Kennedy, Denise W. Killebrew, Errol J. King Jr., Linda A. Klein, Kenneth Klemm, Amelia Williams Koch, Thomas O. Kolb, John E. Kruger, David Kurtz, Kent Lambert, Lynn A. Landau, ^^^James H. Levine, Frederick J. Lewis, George T. Lewis III, Jon F. "Chip" Leyens Jr., Robert C. Liddon, Hal K. Litchford, Virginia C. Love, Ashley Meredith Lowe, Timothy M. Lupinacci, Thomas J. Mahoney Jr., David F. Maron, Fielder Martin, Leonard C. "Len" Martin, Anne B. Mathes, Lawrence Maxwell, James W. McBride, Timothy B. McConnell, Dan M. McDaniel Jr., Robert G. McDowell, Alexander M. McIntyre Jr., Matthew P. McLaughlin, Bruce Anthony McMullen, Phil S. McSween, William S. Mendenhall, Mark W. Mercante, Edward P. Meyerson, Mark L. Miller, Samuel F. Miller, B. G. Minisman Jr., Anne W. Mitchell, Alan Moore, Christopher G. Morris, Mary LeAnn Mynatt, Donald J. Nettles, J. Scott Newton, William N. Norton, Brett A. Oeser, Harry P. Ogden, Paul R. O'Rourke, Carol Owen, William S. Painter, Thomas L. Parker, Dickie Patterson, J. Randall Patterson, Lori H. Patterson, Carla Peacher-Ryan, Linda J. Peacock, Scott W. Pedigo, Eugene Podesta, Joshua Powers, Kenneth Stephen Powers, P. Edward Pratt, Jackie Prester, Eric L. Pruitt, William N. Reed, Susan Rich, Michael Richards, David C. Rieveschl, Clarence Risin, Kristine L. Roberts, J. Allen Roberts, William E. Robinson, John F. Rogers Jr., James H. Roussel, John H. Rowland, David A. Rueff Jr., Charles L. Ruffin, Alan H. Rumph, John M. Scannapieco, Gary S. Schiff, R. Culver Schmid, Ross I. Schram III, Jon D. Seawright, Ben Shapiro, Danny G. Shaw, Gary C. Shockley, Margaret M. Silverstein, D.J. Simonetti, Chris Sloan, Bradley W. Smith, Louann P. Smith, William G. Somerville, Jerry Stauffer, Robert M. Steele, Jill M. Steinberg, Matt Sweeney, William R. Sylvester, James M. Talley, Stacy E. Thomas, J. Carter Thompson, Kelli L. Thompson, Bradley E. Trammell, Steven H. Trent, Danielle Trostorff, Robert D. Van de Vuurst, D. Jeffrey Wagner, Susan S. Wagner, J. Robert Walker, Frank L. Watson Jr., William L. Waudby, David P. Webb, Kenneth A. Weber, W. Scott Welch, Buckner Wellford, Paul S. West, William West, Maurice Wexler, Philip B. Whitaker, Lynne M. White, Robert M. Williams, Anne Derbes Wittmann, Steve F. Wood, Steven K. Wood, Matt A. Woolf, Robert F. Worthington Jr., Richard F. Yarborough Jr., Edward R. Young
August 14, 2014
Ross M. Speier Joins Baker Donelson's Securities Group
August 14, 2014
Eve A. Cann and Travis J. Halstead Join Baker Donelson's Financial Institutions Group

In the News

August 8, 2014
Gina Greenwood Comments on Data Breach Issues in Atlanta Business Chronicle
August 5, 2014
Charles Grant Quoted in Nashville Business Journal on Tennessee Supreme Court Election
August 1, 2014
Baker Donelson Named Among Healthiest Employers by Birmingham Business Journal


August 20, 2014
Community Health System's HIPAA Breach: Significant Lessons for Health Care and Non-Health Care Companies
August 19, 2014
Update on Covenants Not to Compete
August 19, 2014
Immigration Corner: Global Printing Problems for Immigrant Travel Visas, and More Road Signs on the Foggy PERM Highway

Upcoming Events

August 22, 2014
7:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Regional International Export Seminar
Baker Recommends
August 27, 2014
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Remedial Action in Southeastern States: Mississippi
August 27, 2014
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Girl Power: How to be Street Smart
Women on Wednesdays

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